April 2018

PIKALA Tours: High recommended for a bicycle tour

After having presented my favourite bicycle tours, I would briefly like to introduce you to the Dutch social project called PIKALA run by Cantal Bakker.


PIKALA is currently training 90 young Moroccans as bicycle tourist guides. The training includes providing them with the necessary technical knowledge and correct corporate action. The project gives the young people a great professional prospective in the tourist industry. At the moment most of the tourist guides in the city are men. This is where PIKALA is sending positive signals by also encouraging women to take part in the training programme.

Holiday-makers that book tours offered by PIKALA do not just experience the city from a particularly exciting perspective, they’re also helping young Moroccans with the career perspectives. In addition to the aspects of job security and equal rights for women, the environmental aspect is also worth mentioning. The entire project is a great model and advertisement for an environmental friendly alternative to cars and scooters.

PIKALA is a great example for sustainable, smart tourism and social demand and I highly recommend it.



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