Wonderful products from Morocco

In my Witchfield lounge you will discover beautiful products and unique items from Marrakech and all around Morocco. Carpets, stools, tables, poufs and even historical construction materials, wooden pillars or old doors.


For several years I have been spending part of the year in the magical metropolis at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The vibrant city has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights, cultural and architectonic highlights, which is also reflected in the creative handicrafts and goods. During my many strolls through my second home, I have discovered and acquired arts and crafts, pieces of furniture as well as historical construction material, which were all designed with loving care. Many of these items are special unique pieces.


You can have a look at the entire range – by telephone appointment only – in my Villa Plazotta in the old town of Riedenburg.


If you have any questions about specific products or have special requests, I will gladly go in search of your special desired product – simply get in touch.

Best, Eberhard Leichtfuß