About me & Witchfield

Hello, I’m Eberhard Leichtfuss, an event planner and interior designer motivated by passion. I have always been driven by breathing life and creativity into interesting and special places, whether that be organising special events and parties or designing exceptional home environments. As lord of the castle, I grew up with and was shaped by traditions. Yet I always readily strove to spice up traditions with modern and bold ideas. It is especially the coming together of different worlds that often produces the most thrilling results. Therefore, the old and traditional often comes into contact with the new and innovative in my creative works, always accompanied by a powerful allusion to nature. Studying forestry in my younger years certainly left its mark on me. With all of these influences combined, I always keep the bigger picture in mind without losing sight of the smallest details. Seeing my customers’ eyes light up is what makes me happy. I want my conceptually designed work to leave them speechless and dreaming.

I receive great support in my work from my excellent team and the well-coordinated network of service providers and craftsmen working in the background. Together we make up the “Witchfield” brand. Always driven by a good amount of curiosity and passion for a wide variety of projects.

By the way, you can find out about all aspects of and information about Witchfield-Interiors under the link section Creation.

For those of you wondering why there is a Marrakesh blog on this website: My home is Hexenagger Castle near Munich, where a large part of my family also lives. However in the last couple of years the dazzling city of Marrakesh has also become an important home in my life. It was here in 2011 that I acquired my riad Dar Tiour, which had been Jean Paul Gaultier’s retreat for many years. The Moroccan metropolis captivated me from the very beginning and has turned into a source of inspiration for me that I’ve fully embraced.

I look forward to discussing your planned projects with you.

Best, Eberhard Leichtfuss


My life in Marrakech

For several years I have been spending part of the year in my riad in Marrakech, which I acquired from Jean Paul Gaultier. Every day I take my mountain bike and go on exciting rides through this fascinating and inspirational city. 

Adventurous vehicles
A smart idea
A slightly dusty classic
My mountain bike for the expeditions


Life in Marrakech comes with a certain sense of ease:
The signature on the memorandum of association of my WITCHFIELD company was given in the presence of the notary in a street cafe.


Obviously, even letters addressed to a member of the Royal Family are signed on the bonnet of a Mercedes.


The days in Marrakech come to an end slowly …

the brilliant evening atmosphere observed from the terrace of my riad:

In my blog about Marrakech, I regularly write about this creative melting pot.


Furthermore, “WITCHFIELD” is the free translation of the name of my home town, Hexenagger.


If this has aroused your interest and you are planning an interesting design project, then do not hesitate and get in touch.