February 2019

Moroccan arts and crafts in two exciting antique shops

Anyone in search of exciting Arabic art should visit both shops that belong to Ifquirane Mohamed.


Both are located in the Medina of Marrakech and I highly recommend visiting them if you are interested in Arabic arts and crafts.
Ifquirane Mohamed’s antique shops almost feel like small museums, where the exciting pieces create a precious exhibition. So marvel at Ifquirane Mohamed’s shelves and allow yourself to be told about the history of his antiques. This Moroccan is also the perfect point of contact for anyone in search of special ceramics.


Shop 1: La Maison De La Poterie Rurale

Shop 2: Secrets Rural

La Maison De La Poterie Rurale
Art et Antiquités
27, Souk La Bradiaa prés des Teinturiers



Secrets Rural
Art et Antiquités
52, Rue Sidi El Yamani Mouassine


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