April 2022

Welcome to the Barber Elegance Club

If you want a new hair cut with perfectly shaved temples during your trip to Marrakech or if you want your beard to be professionally shaped: Then walk into Achraf Le Barbier, the “Barber Elegance Club”.

The witty logo at the entrance already reveals that the hairdressing trade is creatively lived and loved and practiced with a lot of passion. The atmosphere itself is a show. Thick leather armchairs for customers, a comfortable leather sofa if you need to wait for a few minutes and lovingly staged decorations as far as the eyes can see … and there’s even a moped hung on the wall, in proper style for Marrakech. Open from 11 am to midnight.


Achraf Le Barbier
Rue Bab Agnoau – Riad el Moukha

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