April 2024

So‘: Handmade with Love in Morocco

Another gem among the small, fine shops in Marrakech is So’. A magical shop with a wonderful selection of handcrafted home fashion accessories made by local artisans.

The shop is located very close to the famous Place el-Fna, on a side street from Café France.
At So’ there is a great selection of fancy bags, lots of creative jewelry and all sorts of unusual things that have been designed with great attention to detail.
The atmosphere of the store is just as charming as the products themselves and invites you to linger and browse.

The owners place great value on quality and authenticity and work closely with local craftsmen.
In this store you can be sure to find something unique and special. And you take a little piece of Morocco home with you.


So’ – Handmade with love in Morocco
Home Fashion Accessories
125 Rue Kennaria, Riad Zitoun, Jdid Marrakech Medina

Instagram: @so_by_so_ 

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