March 2018

Marrakech is all about colours … if that’s what you’re looking for the TOPOLINA shop is the right place

Enter TOPOLINA and allow Hassan to show you the most exciting pieces of clothing and accessories of the city. The drafts by Isabelle Topolina are a true feast for the eyes.


The most beautiful fabrics made of silk and cotton in wonderful colours can be marvelled at on the shelves. The Swinging Sixties are often mentioned when it comes to the drafts. Yes, the world of Topolina is exciting. And best of all: There’s also something for men.


In TOPOLINA the women fill find the most edgy clothing, blouses, coats and shoes. And in TOPOLINA, the men – this is where I bought my favourite shoes – are advised by Fatimazahra in a charming way. Yes, I am speaking to you men: Do something daring … true to the motto: “Only the colourful birds in Marrakech stand out” ? 😉


134 Dar el Bacha
114 Dar el Bacha


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