March 2018

Jogging between olive trees in the Menara garden

Moroccans are crazy for sports and even if temperatures soar above 30 degrees, the jog and set of push-ups are never skipped. The women are also very active and complete their exercises hidden behind the burka.


One my daily morning bicycle tour, I discovered a perfect route for all those enthusiastic runners in the olive grove in the Menara garden. The newly created and perfectly maintained jogging trail romantically winds through the olive trees. The routes is a real insider tip for all those visiting Marrakech and wanting stay fit in the mornings.



Brief directions on how to get there

You can take a taxi to the new Menara Mall from the Medina
On the other side, in the middle of the small park, we will jog towards the Atlas Mountains,
we will turn right at the large fountain
and carefully cross the two lane one-way street.
and right in front of us we will see the entrance to the Menara olive grove. Then after approx. 100 metres turn into the great jogging trail.
You can also enjoy the calm and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the medina by taking a relaxed walk through the park. Enjoy!!!


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