March 2018

Insiders tip for shopping: Exclusive items at Akbar Delights

Marrakech is a shoppers’ paradise. Nevertheless, time and time again my friends ask me where they can buy something a very special and exquisite gift for their loved ones. I am always delighted to send them to Akbar Delights in the Medina.


The wonderful boutique on Bab Fteuh has exclusive tunics made of the finest materials that were made with loving attention to detail. Just as exciting are the many accessories in the shop including cushions, bags or jewellery. Akbar Delights also has a few selected and breath-taking furnishing items in his range.

This shop is definitely a very special shopping and insiders tip. And it goes without saying that here you can also gift yourself with a very exclusive object. 😉


Akbar Delights
Bab Fteuh


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