September 2018

Handmade, snazzy fashion and accessories from the souks of Marrakech

The fashion and design label BaZaRKecH is a very special location in the Medina of Marrakech. Anyone that takes a look at the retail shop will immediately notice that everything is revolves around creativity.


At BaZaRKecH, the visitors will find different jackets and coats, all wonderful unique pieces with plenty of pizzazz and particular eye-catchers. The pieces in the boutique shelves are all handmade in the souks of Marrakech.


If all you do on your holiday is, e.g. buy a new denim jacket, rest assured you can go back home knowing that you have a unique piece of clothing and a great keepsake from this magical city. The BaZaRKecH pieces of clothing are always made of high quality fabrics. Furthermore, many of the fabrics are adorned with exciting patterns or sequins.

In addition to smart outer clothing, in BaZaRKecH you will also be able to marvel at all kinds of accessories such as jewellery and bags made of fabric or leather. Furthermore, even the stools that are displayed are absolutely brilliant. The Moroccan classic at BaZaRKecH is obviously available with special seats.

n°53 Souk Talaa, Marrakech


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