December 2017

Flea market Souk el-Khemis

A special and just as fascinating place in Marrakech is the wonderful “Souk el-Khemis” flea market right in the north of the Medina.


Apart from Fridays, this place offers all kinds of antique construction materials and interesting interior equipment. If you are on the look out for a little inspiration or have an eye for beautiful things, you have come to the right place. Extraordinary pieces of furniture, wonderful art deco lamps as well as old meshes and windows to marvel at as well as buy a reasonable prices. A series of hotel dissolutions can also be found now and then. Rummaging through this construction flea market will quickly turn into a journey of discovery.

At Souk el-Khemis, the visitors will find a huge variety of construction tradesmen who will be happy to create the craziest things upon request. For example, a cast-iron sewage pipe is turned into a huge gate. Let’s talk about the materials: In the depots vast quantities of construction materials such as iron, wood, bamboo or even common reed are waiting to be used.

I am always drawn to this special and rather lively place whenever I am staying in Marrakech.

In the following there is a small photo gallery with the current finds

Souk el-Khemis
N8, Marrakech

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