November 2017

Culinary delights

During my strolls through the Medina, I am always delighted by the diversity of colours and smells that waft through the alleys. The creative ways in which the cheerful Moroccans work is reflected particularly well in their cuisine.


You will never get bored of trying a selection of domestic foods and spices.

As a result, you will encounter exotic and tantalising fragrances, influences from the French cuisine and delicious combinations such as sweet and sour, which are a feast for the senses. I enjoy raving about the Moroccan pastilla. It is a puff pastry pie filled with meat or tuna and herbs as well as almonds and honey. Then the whole thing is sprinkled with cinnamon, a taste sensation. I also recommend that my guests try the delicious briouats that are usually shaped as triangles. These are small pastries stuffed with either a hearty or sweet filling. Briouats are also very popular among our vegetarian guests. In general, the dishes tend to contain a lot of vegetables. Vegetarian dishes are standard in Marrakech. Even if tagines braised in olive oil are particularly delicious stews with lamb or poultry, the vegetarian variations are just as delicious. Another tip: If you are looking for a keepsake while in Marrakech, the tagine pots are a great gift idea and you will find the best quality pots and very affordable prices in the Medina. In my blog I will be writing about wonderful dishes and worthwhile restaurants.


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